Gladzy Kei is an illustrator, concept artist, character designer and cosplayer from Alberta, Canada. She graduated from Alberta College of Art & Design with a Bachelor’s of Design Degree majoring in Illustration.

Gladzy’s concept designs  have been worn by many international cosplayers. The cosplay groups that she has been a part of (Battle Disney Princess, Sailor Scouts, and Valkyrie Eevolutions) have been featured in articles on websites such as Cosmopolitan, Movie Pilot, and

Gladzy has also been recently featured full-page in the Filipino newspaper Mabuhay Calgary as well as TV Networks from the Philippines like ABS-CBN with her accurate depiction of Moana, which gained viral attention on social media. She has also represented Canada for an international cosplay competition in 2017.

Currently, Gladzy is now working as a full-time muralist and concept artist at a local studio that produces fabrication of themed characters, large scale props, creative interior and exterior displays. She also manages to draw freelance art on the side while developing ideas and concept art for international cosplayers.


November 12, 2017

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